Gardiner Wholistic Health is set to reopen on Monday, July 13th. 


 Below is a list of our new Pandemic Protocols. Please feel free to reach out any time with questions or concerns.


I realize all of this new information can seem a bit daunting (for me too!), but not only are these measures a mandatory requirement by the state, they are in place to protect each of you from contracting and/or spreading COVID. Your health and well-being is always my first priority!


I wish each of you continued health and wellness, and I look forward to seeing you all very soon. Until then be well, stay safe, and take care!




•  In-office intake will be brief. You will be receiving an intake/waiver email that MUST be filled out, completed, and emailed back to me THE NIGHT BEFORE YOUR  APPOINTMENT (to be sure I have time to review this prior to you entering the office). Please keep an eye out for this email. This will cover any relevant treatment information (specific pains, discomforts, injuries, chief complaints, detailed information of what is bothering you, main focus of treatment, etc.). 


This email must be completed EVERY TIME you come in for an appointment (until further notice).Office intake will be limited to clarification of this information, and a quick assessment. Anything new, or that you forgot to mention in your email (this includes pleasantries) will need to happen once you are on the table. 


•  Client MUST WEAR A FACE MASK covering nose and mouth during the ENTIRE TIME they are here for treatment. If mask needs to be taken off or adjusted for any reason please let me know and wait until I have exited the room to proceed. 


•  Arrive 5-7 minutes early and wait in hallway until let in. Please knock to let the therapist know you are there, but be aware that I might not answer immediately if I am in the process of finishing up sanitizing the office between clients.


•  Upon entering the office; immediately remove shoes, and place them and any bags or belongings in the baskets provided on the entryway seat, and proceed to wash hands at the sink before coming to sit at the desk chair. 


•  If you need to use the bathroom you will be provided with booties to place over your shoes. Bathrooms are cleaned by the building multiple times a day, but Gardiner Wholistic Health is not responsible for the cleaning and sanitation of these spaces.


•  After session please get dressed quickly, take a seat, and have method of payment ready to go. There will be hand sanitizer and alcohol spray available to disinfect cards and hands for your convenience.


•. There will be a brief discussion regarding my treatment suggestions, recommendations, and plan. If any major clarification is needed, or you have more detailed questions PLEASE EMAIL them to me after your session so that I am able to give them my full attention, to allow time for me to properly sanitize the office for the next client.


•  Cleaning and sanitizing protocols will be posted in the office for you to review. 


•. For the time being, all appointments will need to be made online (via Schedulicity or the Book Now button on the website), or by emailing me directly. There will be no scheduling of appointments after your session for now.


•. At this time I will NOT be providing complimentary water or tea. I suggest that you bring a water bottle (preferably with a straw so that you are able to drink under your mask) with you to your appointment. I have a Britta water pitcher that you will be able to refill with.


•  If you are experiencing any symptoms of illness at all (COVID related or not), or have had a temperature of over 99.9 in the past 72 hours please contact me immediately to discuss how to proceed. You should never come in for massage treatment if you are sick, but it is especially imperative now to be aware of how you are feeling for the safety of yourself and others. Do not show up to your appointment sick! Contact me and we can discuss your options.  



     As mentioned above, a list of all cleaning and sanitizing protocols will be visibly posted in the office, but below is a summery of the measures that will be taken to disinfect the office before/after each treatment:




• Upon entering the office I will change out of street shoes and clothes, and into office attire (scrubs), placing outside clothes in a bag which is placed in a cabinet away from sheets/towels and other treatment supplies, along with any bags or belongings that will not be used during shift…I will also take my temperature prior to seeing any clients.


• Hand washing, all the way up to the elbow for at least 30 seconds prior to, and immediately following all treatments (which has always been standard practice).


• After client leaves, alcohol spray and/or sanitizing wipes will be used to wipe down any and all surfaces that may have been touched by either myself or the client.


• After session table linens will be removed, and put into a sealed laundry bag.


• Entire massage table will be wiped down with alcohol spray, and floor mopped.


• I will be wearing a mask, face shield, and smock that will be changed and/or thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between each client.


• Clean linens will be placed on the table directly prior to the next client’s appointment giving all disinfectants time to dry and completely take affect. 





Prevention | Correction | Rehabilitation

Gardiner Wholistic Health uses innovative and integrated ways to educate clients about their bodies, and strives to empower them with the knowledge and tools to promote self-care, health, and overall wellness. Treatments are as unique the individual. All sessions and plans are catered to the specific needs of each client. Whether through massage, fitness, nutrition, or a combination of all three, our goal is to help people live happy, healthy, active, and pain-free lives!


“If you don’t take care of your body, where are you going to live?” -Unknown

Fitness & Personal Training

Fitness coaching and personal training offers personalized programs, workouts, and tools to help clients reach their personal goals and fitness potential, prevent and correct injury/imbalance, and be able to develop better posture, form, balance, and alignment. Not a typical "gym style" workout, instead this will help prepare the body for any type of workout, sport, or activity you wish to pursue.

Massage Therapy

Clinical massage therapy. Sports injury recovery treatment. Chronic pain treatment. Treatment of many other musculoskeletal pathologies and conditions (including, but not limited to: autoimmune disorders, pre/post surgical therapy, tendinitis/tendinosis, pre-and post-natal, nerve entrapments, sciatica, pain from disc herniations, postural and muscular imbalances...etc.). Working to correct the daily muscle imbalances and strains that cause discomfort, decreased energy, and keep us from feeling our best.

Nutrition Guidance & Counseling

Working with clients to develop dietary plans and expand on their nutrition education in order to make lifelong  changes that are sustainable and enjoyable. By incorporating a more whole foods, plant-based style of eating, clients are able to increase energy, create lifestyle eating habits that promote overall health and longevity, and prevent, manage, and even reverse many conditions/diseases caused by the Standard American Diet.